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@Schnitzel Schnitzel released this Mar 31, 2019 · 32 commits to master since this release

With this version of Lagoon we start to deprecate the rest2task service in favor of the GraphQL API. rest2task was created as a small workaround as the GraphQL API did not have any mutations in the beginning of Lagoon. Now as the GraphQL API is fully grown and mature we can deprecate the rest2task for good. In this version http requests to rest2task still work, but a friendly HTTP header and a message in the response body will inform you that rest2tasks is deprecated (the HTTP return code is still 200 though). In future Versions rest2tasks will be completely disabled. Thank you rest2tasks!


  • Varnish Image: allow to define listen and management listen ports (#900)
  • API has new mutations for triggering deployments (#894)


  • API requires new deployment information when creating/updating environments (#894)
  • rest2tasks is deprecated in favor of GraphQL API (#894)


  • Fixed a few styling regressions in the UI caused by #976 (#986)
  • UI/API load too much task data and logs and causes slow page loads and timeouts (#961)
  • Fixing an issue with route generation on PolySites (#915)
  • Fixing a small bug in the api-db duplicate ssh key script (#1005)
  • address duplicate values in LAGOON_ROUTES (#1000)
  • Fixing small issues in logs-db-forwarder (aka fluentd) (#1006)


  • Prevent a previously-moved newrelic.disabled file from causing an error at container restart (#979)
  • upgrade New Relic agent to and enable for php 7.3. (#966)
  • Shorter expire time for S3 links and use in more places (#999)
  • Upgraded all node modules (#994)
  • Better UI/API error handling (#987)
  • UI can now trigger new deployments for environments (#838)
  • Skip pull request deploys from forked repos (#789)
  • Add ability to disable auto-idle per environment (#980)


  • none
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