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@Schnitzel Schnitzel released this Oct 7, 2019 · 32 commits to master since this release

After our big 1.0.0 release, here the next minor update. It features mainly High Availability of Keycloak, better high availability of RabbitMQ, plus a switch to Elasticsearch 7 with a migration from Searchguard to OpenDistro. Please read the Changes section carefully as there is an important thing regarding Elasticsearch upgrades.


  • Move from Searchguard to Opendistro #1232
    IMPORTANT: You cannot upgrade from a Lagoon 0.x.x Version directly to 1.1.0, as the included Elasticsearch would try to upgrade from 6.6 to 7 which is not possible. Only upgrades from Elasticsearch 6.6 (included in Lagoon 0.x) to Elasticsearch 6.8 (included in Lagoon 1.0.x) to Elasticsearch 7 (included in Lagoon 1.1.x) are possible. So if you are on 0.x.x, upgrade to 1.0.x first and then to 1.1.0.
  • Disable PHP notices on production environments by default #1162
  • Add Drush launcher to /bin, with Drush 8 fallback #1183
  • Adjust k8up backup webhooks for new format #1167
  • Give default project user maintainer role #1252
    IMPORTANT: This is a change from 1.0.0! In 1.0.0 the default project user had the guest role. This caused drush sql-sync tasks in post-rollout to fail, as soon as #1229 has been merged, this will change back to the guest role.


  • add script #1201


  • Fix API slowness by caching keycloak authz response per API request #1222
  • Fix API slowness in getBackupsByEnvironmentId resolver #1180 #1223
  • Resolver for Backup > Environment was missing #1223
  • deleteProject mutation not working (#1227)
  • API queries/mutations related to environment variables always returned permission denied #1259
  • Fix removeNotificationFromProject mutation #1261


  • Implement Native Cronjob Removal #1178
  • Added containers for Node version 12 #1216
  • Adding end of life notification for node versions v6 and v9 and upcoming end of life for node v8 #1215
  • Update Lagoon node packages #1218
  • Set RabbitMQ policy to enable Mirrored Queue by default for all "lagoon-" queues #1226
  • Add group listing API queries/resolvers #1228
  • Cleanup of tests #1231
  • High Available Keycloak #1235
  • Update Lagoon internal Node services to Node 10 #1240
  • Makefile still references node 8 deps #1262
  • Support for search_api_solr 8.x-3.x module with Solr 7.x #1246
  • Updating to NewRelic Agent #1248
  • MariaDB Galera: add check package #1253
  • deploymentconfigs and pods don't need to be deleted manually anymore #1257
  • Use of REDIS_SERVICE_PORT instead of REDIS_PORT #1263
  • Drush Config: define backup-dir #1266


  • Allow Xdebug to work with .twig files #1239
  • addSshKey schema change: userId changed to UserInput #1243
  • RBAC doc changes #1245
  • Update Drush 9 doc to include fix for updating drush aliases and rsync between remote envs #1256
  • Kibana examples docs update #1268
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