A wrapper to natively interact and embed autohotkey into your .net program.
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This project is a basic wrapper around HotKeyIt's AHKDLL (aka AutoHotkey_H) for .Net Projects.

This also includes a simple communication module to allow AHK to communicate with the .NET hosting environment using a simple method SendPipeMessage(string) from AutoHotkey. see example below

This was made to be intended to use as is, without needing to register any of the com components or any other special deployment tasks. The required (AutoHotkey_H) AutoHotkey.dll can either be deployed via XCOPY or the application will automatically deploy the required AutoHotkey.dll file if it is missing, as it stores a copy as an embeded resource.

All the thanks goes to HotKeyIt's work

Usage & Examples

To use, just include my DLL and it will deploy any files that are missing if needed.

//grab a copy of the AutoHotkey singleton instance
var ahk = AutoHotkeyEngine.Instance;

//execute any raw ahk code
ahk.ExecRaw("MsgBox, Hello World!");

//create new hotkeys
ahk.ExecRaw("^a::Send, Hello World");

//programmatically set variables
ahk.SetVar("x", "1");
ahk.SetVar("y", "4");

//execute statements

//return variables back from ahk
string zValue = ahk.GetVar("z");
Console.WriteLine("Value of z is {0}", zValue); // "Value of z is 5"

//Load a library or exec scripts in a file

//execute a specific function (found in functions.ahk), with 2 parameters
ahk.ExecFunction("MyFunction", "Hello", "World");

//execute a label 

//create a new function
string sayHelloFunction = "SayHello(name) \r\n { \r\n MsgBox, Hello %name% \r\n return \r\n }";

//execute's newly made function\
ahk.ExecRaw(@"SayHello(""Mario"") ");

//execute a function (in functions.ahk) that adds 5 and return results
var add5Results = ahk.Eval("Add5( 5 )");
Console.WriteLine("Eval: Result of 5 with Add5 func is {0}", add5Results);

//you can also return results with the ExecFunction 
add5Results = ahk.ExecFunction("Add5", "5");
Console.WriteLine("ExecFunction: Result of 5 with Add5 func is {0}", add5Results);

//you can have AutoHotkey communicate with the hosting environment 
// 1 - Create Handler for your ahk code 
// 2 - Initalize Pipes Module, passing in your handler
// 3 - Use 'SendPipeMessage(string)' from your AHK code
var ipcHandler = new Func<string, string>(fromAhk => {
    Console.WriteLine("received message from ahk " + fromAhk);
    System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(3000); //simulating lots of work
    return ".NET: I LIKE PIE!";

//the initalize pipes module only needs to be called once per application

ahk.ExecRaw(@"serverResponce := SendPipeMessage(""Hello from ahk"")
              MsgBox, responce from server was -- %serverResponce% ");


HotKeyIt's AutoHotkey_H Github Repository
AutoHotKey_H Dll Documentation