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Global Names Parser for Node.js

This module provides Node.js bindings for GNParser by the Global Names Project.


npm install gnparser

Supported architectures

The module currently supports MacOS (ARM64 only) and Linux.


parse(names: string | array, options?: object)

  • names may be an individual scientific name string or an array of name strings
  • options is an optional object with either or both of these keys:
    • details: boolean - include additional details (e.g. the individual parsed words of the name). Default is false.
    • cultivars: boolean - include cultivars in the normalized and canonical names. Default is false, which will add a quality warning if a cultivar is present.
    • diaereses: boolean - preserve diaereses (e.g. Leptochloöpsis virgata) in normalized and canonical names (but not stemmed canonical names). Default is false: diaereses will be transliterated to their ASCII counterparts using GNParser's default transliterations, e.g. Leptochlooepsis virgata.
    • removeDiaereses: boolean - transliterate diaereses to their ASCII counterparts without changing the spelling, e.g. Leptochloöpsis virgataLeptochloopsis virgata

The recommended options for parsing botanical names are { cultivars: true, diaereses: true }.

For example:

const gnparser = require("gnparser")
const name = "Pardosa moesta Banks, 1892"
const parsed = gnparser.parse(name)

parsed will be a JavaScript object derived from the JSON output of GNParser.

You may also pass multiple names which will be parsed as a batch:

const names = ["Pardosa moesta Banks, 1892", "Parus major L.", "Anthurium 'Ace of Spades'"]
const parsed = gnparser.parse(names)

Here, parsed will be an array of JavaScript objects.

const gnparser = require("gnparser")
const name = "Sarracenia flava 'Maxima'"
const parsed = gnparser.parse(name, { details: true, cultivars: true })

The cultivar name will be included in the normalized and canonical names, and the most detailed output from GNParser will be included.


This module's major and minor version number matches that of the main GNParser Go project, but the patch version differs.