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Amazon API Gateway Importer

The Amazon API Gateway Importer lets you create or update Amazon API Gateway APIs from a Swagger or RAML API representation.

To learn more about API Gateway, please see the service documentation or the API documentation.

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April 5, 2016: Swagger/OpenAPI import is now generally available in the API Gateway REST API, the AWS CLI and all AWS SDKs. You can also import and export Swagger definitions using the API Gateway console. This release addresses many of the open issues and feedback in this repository.

Customers are encouraged to migrate their workflow to the standard AWS tools. aws-apigateway-importer will receive minimal support from the API Gateway team going forward. Pull requests will be periodically reviewed. Customers using RAML definitions should continue to use aws-apigateway-importer for the time being.

Thanks for all of your feedback and contributions to this tool. Any feedback or issues going forward should be directed to the official API Gateway forums. - @rpgreen




This tool requires AWS credentials to be configured in at least one of the locations specified by the default credential provider chain.

It will look for configured credentials in environment variables, Java system properties, AWS SDK/CLI profile credentials, and EC2 instance profile credentials.


Build with mvn assembly:assembly

Import a new API

./ --create path/to/swagger.json

./ -c path/to/api.raml

Update an existing API and deploy it to a stage

./ --update API_ID --deploy STAGE_NAME path/to/swagger.yaml

./ --update API_ID --deploy STAGE_NAME --raml-config path/to/config.json path/to/api.raml

For Windows environments replace ./ with ./aws-api-import.cmd in the examples.

API Gateway Extension Example

You can fully define an API Gateway API in Swagger using the x-amazon-apigateway-auth and x-amazon-apigateway-integration extensions, or in RAML using an external configuration file.

Defined on an Operation:

"x-amazon-apigateway-auth" : {
    "type" : "aws_iam"
"x-amazon-apigateway-integration" : {
   "type" : "aws",
   "uri" : "arn:aws:apigateway:us-east-1:lambda:path/2015-03-31/functions/arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:MY_ACCT_ID:function:helloWorld/invocations",
   "httpMethod" : "POST",
   "credentials" : "arn:aws:iam::MY_ACCT_ID:role/lambda_exec_role",
   "requestTemplates" : {
       "application/json" : "json request template 2",
       "application/xml" : "xml request template 2"
   "requestParameters" : {
       "integration.request.path.integrationPathParam" : "method.request.querystring.latitude",
       "integration.request.querystring.integrationQueryParam" : "method.request.querystring.longitude"
   "cacheNamespace" : "cache-namespace",
   "cacheKeyParameters" : [],
   "responses" : {
       "2\\d{2}" : {
           "statusCode" : "200",
           "responseParameters" : {
               "method.response.header.test-method-response-header" : "integration.response.header.integrationResponseHeaderParam1"
           "responseTemplates" : {
               "application/json" : "json 200 response template",
               "application/xml" : "xml 200 response template"
       "default" : {
           "statusCode" : "400",
           "responseParameters" : {
               "method.response.header.test-method-response-header" : "'static value'"
           "responseTemplates" : {
               "application/json" : "json 400 response template",
               "application/xml" : "xml 400 response template"


mvn test