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Pre-upgrade Assistant for Amazon Linux

The preupgrade assistant for Amazon Linux makes it easier to migrate to Amazon Linux 2 from Amazon Linux AMI. You can run the preupgrade assistant on your Amazon Linux AMI installation to check for incompatibilities in packages, libraries, services, command-line options, and configuration files. The assistant produces a report outlining potential incompatibilities and offers suggestions to mitigate them.

To use the assistant, you will need to install both the preupgrade-assitant and the Amazon Linux module by running sudo yum install -y preupgrade-assistant preupgrade-assistant-al1toal2.

You can run the assistant with sudo preupg

Example showing usage: Example showing usage

The assistant produces a report in the /root/preupgrade directory that is viewable with a web browser.

The compatibility results are classified into passing or failing and further into informational failures and failures that need manual inspection. You can also examine the details of failures.

The assistant also produces scripts for running after upgrade to Amazon Linux 2 to match the applicable configuration setting of the original Amazon Linux AMI installation. These scripts are placed in /root/preupgrade/postupgrade.d

Example report: Example report


This library is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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