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Removed a temporary `$s3->use_ssl = false;` mode. #21

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Object URLs should be able to be grabbed as 'https' and should be an option that a user should set.

amazonwebser... added some commits
amazonwebservices AWS SDK for PHP 1.0 0ca2016
amazonwebservices 1.0 release. 208ea4e
amazonwebservices 1.0.1 release. 6fbc299
amazonwebservices 1.1 release. cbb5177
amazonwebservices 1.2 release. d8cca53
amazonwebservices 1.2.1 release. 771dc94
amazonwebservices 1.2.2 release. 85d234d
amazonwebservices 1.2.3 release. 4e194a9
amazonwebservices 1.2.4 release. b56b8b1
amazonwebservices 1.2.5 release. f77cebb
amazonwebservices 1.2.6 release. e0f1790
amazonwebservices 1.3 release. 406dd51
amazonwebservices 1.3.1 release. 1a7232c
amazonwebservices 1.3.2 release. dcafcc3
amazonwebservices 1.3.3 release. b98a5de
amazonwebservices 1.3.4 release. cd73cd2
amazonwebservices 1.3.5 release. 7e93c6c
amazonwebservices 1.3.6 release. a0dde0e
amazonwebservices 1.3.7 release. 5cc4ea3
amazonwebservices 1.4 release. ec87e31
amazonwebservices release.… aeb780e
amazonwebservices 1.4.1 release. 74775b6
amazonwebservices 1.4.2 release. 3b009f7
amazonwebservices release.… c473eff
amazonwebservices 1.4.3 release. 5ca685f
amazonwebservices 1.4.4 release. 281c2bb
amazonwebservices 1.4.5 release. 6b0c700
amazonwebservices 1.4.6 release. c67bc85
amazonwebservices release.… 8cf3e0f
amazonwebservices 1.4.7 release. cfa8a03
amazonwebservices 1.4.8 release. a60a0ad
amazonwebservices release.… 4c4a335
amazonwebservices 1.5 release. a51029f
amazonwebservices release.… b9012df

Looks like all previous versions of the pear package have been removed from the aws pear channel along with this release. Would you mind leaving up at least one older version since this new version contains backwards-incompatible changes. This broke one of our builds today...

They're all working for me. All of the old versions are still in the bucket. I was just able to uninstall the SDK via PEAR, then re-install specific versions. Is there something more specific that's broken?

Yep you're right, sorry about that. Pear was saying "upgrade failed" and only showed the latest version on pear remote-list which made us think that older versions had been taken down. Thanks!

amazonwebser... and others added some commits
amazonwebservices 1.5.1 release. 96fc205
@sjlu sjlu Removed a temporary `$s3->use_ssl = false;` mode. Object URLs should …
…be able to be grabbed as 'https' and should be an option that a user should set.

I'm unclear about what issue this is attempting to solve. Could you clarify?


Right now it sets it to false and because of it, https is not added to the URL when requesting it. The reason why I got rid of that line is because it should be user defined if they want the https URL instead of it always being false.


There are reasons why we do it the way we do (see However, you will be able to opt in to using https in our next release be adding 'http' => true to the $opt array for that function.

@jeremeamia jeremeamia closed this
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Commits on Sep 28, 2010
  1. AWS SDK for PHP 1.0

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Commits on Feb 28, 2011
  1. 1.0 release.

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  2. 1.0.1 release.

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  1. @sjlu

    Removed a temporary `$s3->use_ssl = false;` mode. Object URLs should …

    sjlu authored
    …be able to be grabbed as 'https' and should be an option that a user should set.
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  1. +0 −1  services/s3.class.php
1  services/s3.class.php
@@ -2650,7 +2650,6 @@ public function get_object_url($bucket, $filename, $preauth = 0, $opt = null)
// Authenticate to S3
$current_ssl_setting = $this->use_ssl;
- $this->use_ssl = false;
$response = $this->authenticate($bucket, $opt);
$this->use_ssl = $current_ssl_setting;
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