Infusion combines JavaScript, CSS, HTML and user-centered design, rolling them all into a single package that sits on top of the popular jQuery toolkit. Infusion includes ready-to-use components as well as a framework to build your own.
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What Is Infusion?
Infusion is a different kind of JavaScript framework. Built for creating applications that are
highly usable and accessible, Infusion provides a rich set of APIs for creating loosely-coupled
models and views using a declarative and event-driven style.

Infusion includes:
    * an application framework for developing applications with JavaScript and jQuery,
    * a growing collection of user interface components, and
    * a modular CSS framework that allows you to add, remove and mix classes to get effect you want.

Infusion embraces unobtrusive, functional techniques that promote less code and greater flexibility.
Infusion takes the pain out of developing accessible, high performance, clean and nimble front-ends
for applications that want to do more. Our approach is to leave you in control - it's your
interface, using your markup, your way.

Where Can I See Infusion Components?

We have a convenient, one-stop-shop for seeing all our components in action:

How Do I Get Infusion?

You can create your own custom build of Infusion using the new Infusion Builder:

Alternatively, you can download a source code release from Github:

What Are You Working On Now?

Our plans for our next release, 1.4, include:

    * Improvements to the Fluid Skinning System (FSS)
    * Updates to UI Options
For more information, please see the Infusion Roadmap:

Who Makes Infusion, and How Can I Help?

The Fluid community is an international group of designers, developers, volunteers, and advisers
who focus on a common mission: improving the user experience of community and open source web

The best way to join the Fluid Community is to jump in to any of our community activities.
Visit our "Get Involved" page for links to our mailing lists, chat room, wiki, etc.: