An implementation of an XUnit-style testing framework in JavaScript for node.js
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[jQUnit-node] - A JavaScript Unit Testing framework.

The XUnit testing style (first seen in JUnit and the like) is a popular style for writing test fixtures. jqUnit-node is a port of this idiom to JavaScript for use within the node.js server-side JavaScript framework. It uses the Fluid framework and module loading system for resolution, and expects that the code under test does the same.

To run a file containing test fixtures, simply execute it with node -

node fixtureFile.js

To write a fixture file, begin with

var fluid = require("infusion"); var jqUnit = fluid.require(jqUnit);

You may use also use plain "require" to load jqUnit, although it is essential that it itself may resolve the fluid framework (infusion).

Then begin by starting a "module" and then issue some tests:

jqUnit.module("My Module");

jqUnit.test("My test case", function() { jqUnit.assertTrue("I assert that this is true", true); } );