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This is a custom-developed WordPress theme based on TwentySixteen.

Homepage Video

The homepage video is chosen on the client’s side from several pre-generated sources based on the height of the container (

The dark gradient at the top should be rendered into the video.

To come up with a list of frame sizes to create new videos, measure the height of .site-header while changing the viewport width.

There are currently four static heights for .site-header, though I also created a 1920px-wide video for viewports >= 1600px.

Each framesize should be wide enough to cover the entire range of viewport widths for that given height.

Take a look at the video source files to help understand how the system works.

The low-mo bitrate refers to a low-motion version of the video (basically still images fading into each other) for site visitors who have prefers-reduced-motion enabled. (See this article for an introduction to the reduced motion media query.)

Viewport Width Container Height Framesize Bitrate Low-mo bitrate
>= 1600px 764px 1920x766 1800kb/s 1100kb/s
1600-985px 764px 1600x765 1500kb/s 825kb/s
910-984px 570px 990x430 750kb/s 400kb/s
710-909px 618px 920x620 700kb/s 400kb/s
<= 709px 532px 710x535 600kb/s 300kb/s

More export details:

Export settings