Getting started

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If you have not tried out Amber yet in the browser visit and click on the "Class browser" button to play around with the IDE.

Note that you will not be able to save any code you write and refreshing the page will also revert any changes you have made.

Quick start for versions 0.12 and later

For installing Amber on OS X or Linux, read "Installation on OS X and Linux Mint".

Otherwise, follow the README file on

More information

Notes about earlier Amber versions

0.9 and earlier

For earlier versions of Amber it was possible to download and unzip the amber github repository to set up the web IDE. The libraries used by the web IDE are no longer included so an installation of bower is necessary which requires the installation of npm and nodejs.


Getting started -- version 0.11 and earlier

Contributions to the documentation

Q: Where can I contribute to the documentation at

A: By contributing to repository.


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