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Migration from 0.14.12 to 0.14.13

Herbert Vojčík edited this page Mar 29, 2015 · 1 revision

0.14.13 is a reorganization release. Things were renamed a bit, according to rules of amber-contrib project naming.

To update cli, do

npm install -g amber-cli

This should reinstall amber-cli with the newest project template.

To update your projects, do

bower install "amber#^0.14.13" --save
bower install "helios#^0.4.3" --save-dev
bower uninstall amber-attic --save-dev
bower install "amber-contrib-legacy#^0.2.0" --save-dev
grunt devel

Things that were renamed:

  • repo amber-attic to amber-contrib-legacy,
  • bower name amber-attic to amber-contrib-legacy,
  • namespace amber-attic to amber/legacy,
  • namespace amber-contrib-web to amber/web,
  • namespace amber-contrib-jquery to amber/jquery.

Forward mappings are set up, so the project should load with old dependency names. Update all your imports by hand, if you used ones that were renamed. Commit all packages that may depend on packages that were renamed (they will be saved with new name automatically) in the IDE; to be on the safe side, just commit all of your project's packages, one by one.

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