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Google Maps for Samsung Smart TV
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Google Maps for Samsung Smart TV


Sit back, relax and enjoy Google Maps with your nice and shiny Samsung TV. ;) Anyway, it's a small app I've made to learn a bit about the Samsung Smart SDK.



  1. Install Samsung Smart SDK: → Apps Guide → Download SDK
  2. Clone repo to (usually) C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Samsung TV SDK(2.5.0)\Apps\google_maps_samsung_tv
  3. Run emulator
  4. Click "Open App"
  5. Choose google_maps_samsung_tv

User Manual

  • arrows - move around
  • volume +/- - zoom in/out
  • channel +/- - switch map type


It seems that MAPLE browser has issues with Google Maps v3 after a while.



Wojciech Piekutowski, AmberBit

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