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A wrapper for wordpress that puts it in its own submodule and adds environment config options
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#WordPress Submodule Wrapper

A simple wrapper to get wordpress working as a submodule

##How to use

1 Clone this repo.

 $ git clone your-wp-folder 

2 Initiate submodules to download WordPress.

 $ git submodule update --init --recursive

3 Copy wp-config-sample.php and rename it for your environment (See Environment Config Files).

4 Add your database info and your unique salt to your new config file.

5 Your done. Browse to you local url and install wordpress as normal.

nb. By default your admin dashboard will be at /cms/wp-admin

##Environment Config Files

You can create, up to three environment config files with the database info for that environment, by renaming wp-config-sample.php.

  • production : production-config.php (default)
  • development : development-config.php
  • local : local-config.php

Which config file is used is decided by your url. By default production-config.php is used. If your url contains .local eg. then local-config.php is used. If your url contains dev. eg. then development-config.php is used.

##Why should I install WordPress like this?

Because I am dogmatic

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