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This is a place to share common problems and solutions to them.

Can't build my amber project

Sometimes, you are trying to build an amber project in a new machine and crystal doesn't have all dependencies required by default. Then, ensure to install all development packages for openssl git, yaml, libevent, and sqlite3, postgresql, or mysql.

{% hint style="info" %} Also see Installation Guide {% endhint %}

Can't connect to database

Sometimes, you're trying to run your amber project and you get an database connection error. Then, ensure your database is running and the database_url is well specified on config/environments/{your-enviroment-file}.yml, or on DATABASE_URL environment variable. Also remember to run bin/amber db drop create migrate , before executing your project.

{% hint style="info" %} Also see Creating the Database {% endhint %}

Can't update dependencies

On new crystal 0.25.0 release, the shards command has a global cache issue, already reported here and fixed on next version. Until crystal 0.25.1 is released, you can fix your dependencies by removing global shards cache and shards files.

rm -rf ~/.cache/shards
rm -rf shard.lock
rm -rf lib

Something else doesn't work

Ask around on the Amber Gitter channel, or create an issue.

If you figure it out, edit this document as a courtesy to the next person having the same problem.