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eShapeoko Parts and MakerSlide Accessories

These are the master drawings for custom parts for the eShapeoko CNC milling machine and for various other projects based on MakerSlide (for example, the camera slider).

Most of them are generally useful MakerSlide accessories, but some parts are designed specifically for the eShapeoko.

For now, MegaRail 80 and MegaRail Z also live here.

Part Numbers

See for a short description of each part.

License and Attribution

All drawings are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribtion-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The eShapeoko is based on Edward Ford's open-source CNC milling machine, the Shapeoko. Thank you, Edward!

Both Shapeoko and eShapeoko rely on Bart Dring's open-source linear motion system, MakerSlide. Thank you, Bart!

Other File Formats

If DWG isn't your preferred file format, you can get other formats here (currently DXF and PDF; what other format would you like to see?).

If you need a different (earlier) version of DWG or DXF for your application, the Open Design Alliance File Converter can convert the DWGs to the required vintage.


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