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- fixes to docs
- added license
- factored out job running logic into, for testing
- added some specs. gasp.
- env wasn't properly unpacked by runner, added YAML.load(job.env), thanks
Chris Wanstrath
- made operations that generate migrations, etc, verbose - they dump
stdout and stderr to console when running
- Bj now (should) auto detect the correct rake command on windows as
"rake.bat" not "rake". see Bj.which_rake and Bj.rake for impl.
- fixed name collision with 'record.attributes = hash' ar mass
assignment method (thx jon guymon)
- added new sponsor:
- use full path to ruby for plugin mode
- plugin correctly installs bin -->> script
- plugin install uses --force
- properly quote paths in windows (spaces)
- switch win signal to ABRT (was INT)
- background job regrestration now uses ppid to pin the subprocess to a
- use ppid to detect parent death and exit in event loop
- don't use gem dependanices in plugin as they are broken when loading from
muliple gem repos
- added a small amount of drb magic that allows signals to work across
processes even on windows (see
- basic functionality in windows
- several small bug fixes
- *many* small bug fixes
- plugin install should now pick up dependancies from plugin dir, last
release had LOAD_PATH/gem issues and was picking up globally installed
- automatic management of the background processing can be turned off if you
want to manage your own processes
- all jobs are automatically restartable unless submitted with
:restartable => false
this means that, should a runner ever die, upon restart any jobs that were
mid-process will automatically be restarted
- signal based parent lifeline move out of thread and into even loop
- :lock => true added to a few AR finds to support true write serializable
transaction isolation when the db supports it
- all migrations now use :force => true and
- running 'bj setup' will always generate a new migration, even if you've
already run it before. this allows easy version upgrades.
- a few command would blow up on windows because they weren't prefixed with
'ruby'. gotta love the lack of #shebang line on windoze...
- ./script/bj is searched first before system path env var
- a default PATH is provided for whacky systems without one
- database.yml is filtered through ERB ala rails
- path bug fixes
- initial release