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Helpful tools for Home and Workspace Automation


  1. ambianic-ui ambianic-ui Public

    PWA for managing Ambianic Edge devices (smart cameras).

    JavaScript 39 34

  2. ambianic-edge ambianic-edge Public

    The core runtime engine for Ambianic Edge devices.

    Python 105 45

  3. ambianic-box ambianic-box Public

    The recommended physical enclosure for an ambianic-edge device.

    G-code 4 1

  4. ambianic-rpi-image ambianic-rpi-image Public

    Zero Config purpose built Raspberry Pi OS Image for Ambianic Edge devices. Ready to flash on SD Card.

    Shell 11

  5. peerfetch peerfetch Public

    Peer-to-peer HTTP over WebRTC.

    TypeScript 62 7

  6. fall-detection fall-detection Public

    Python ML library for people fall detection

    Jupyter Notebook 82 15


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