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Jack's love of dice has brought him here, where he has taken on the form
of a Haskell library, in order to help you gamble with your properties.

Jack is an alternative to QuickCheck generators / shrinking. The basic idea is that instead of generating a random value and using a shrinking function after the fact, we generate the random value and all the possible shrinks in a tree.

Why Jack?

Generating the shrinks when you generate your initial value has many useful properties, you can easily maintain the invariants of the generator for example. In QuickCheck if you do choose (100, 200) and then try to shrink it, it will happily shrink to 0.

QuickCheck shrinking functions are also invariant, so if you have a shrinker for Text you cannot lift it to a shrinker of Foo without having a mapping in both directions. This breaks the beautiful applicative syntax that generators can be constructed with. Jack doesn't have this problem, a Jack Text can be turned in to a Jack Foo using only fmap, and your Foo will be shrunk for free.


Here's an example usage of Jack for building up generators. It works much the same as building up QuickCheck generators except you get shrinking of sub-terms for free. You can use the reshrink function to apply any additional shrinking:

data Exp =
    Con !Int
  | Var !Text
  | Lam !Text !Exp
  | App !Exp !Exp
    deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)

exp :: Jack Exp
exp =
    text =
      T.pack <$> arbitrary

    shrink = \case
      Lam _ x ->
      App x y ->
        [x, y]
      _ ->
    reshrink shrink $
      oneOfRec [
          Con <$> sizedIntegral
        , Var <$> text
        ] [
          Lam <$> text <*> exp
        , App <$> exp <*> exp


To use a Jack generator in a property test pass it to the gamble function, this is the equivalent to forAll in QuickCheck:

prop_example :: Property
  gamble exp allJack

-- | Ensure all variable names start with jack.
allJack :: Exp -> Bool
allJack = \case
  Con _ ->
  Var var ->
    "jack" `T.isPrefixOf` var
  Lam var x ->
    "jack" `T.isPrefixOf` var && allJack x
  App x1 x2 ->
    allJack x1 x2

QuickCheck Compatibility

Jack has a compatibility module which makes it a drop-in replacement for QuickCheck in many cases. Just import Test.QuickCheck.Jack instead of Test.QuickCheck and you should get shrinking for free as long as you are using forAll instead of Arbitrary instances.

Test.QuickCheck.Jack essentially aliases Jack to Gen and gamble to forAll. Unfortunately you'll need qualified imports if you still want to use Arbitrary instances, however you won't want to do this anyway as they defeat shrinking for the most part.