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AtmoLight Plugin for MediaPortal
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AtmoDXUtil Target change image core rework, background queue processes pixeldata… May 15, 2016
AtmoLight.Core Changed to worker instead of thread for image sending. Nov 13, 2016
AtmoLight.MediaPortal1 Added new MP1 translations. Sep 21, 2016
AtmoLight.MediaPortal2 AtmoLight MP2 Dec 22, 2016
Examples/Adding a new target to AtmoLight Added missing target examples for MP2 implementation Nov 18, 2014
MPEI AtmoLight Sep 21, 2016
Packages Partially reverted to branch 'DEV_madVRSupport' to support madVR usin… May 12, 2016
Patches/MediaPortal 1 Combined UI capture patch files into one Nov 19, 2014
Scripts Removed the need for an external dll for BoblightHandler Nov 9, 2014
.gitignore Modified .gitignore Mar 12, 2014
AtmoLight.MediaPortal1.sln Added context menu items for new delay reference options. Jun 14, 2016
AtmoLight.MediaPortal2.sln Adjusted MP2 plugin to the core changes Oct 25, 2014

AtmoLight MediaPortal Plugin

AtmoLight is a plugin for MediaPortal1 and MediaPortal2 to add support for ambilight systems.


  • Control your Amibilight from within MediaPortal
  • Support for different targets: AmbiBox, AtmoOrb, AtmoWin, Boblight, Hue and Hyperion
  • Ability to use more than one target at the same time
  • Internal capture mode to reduce cpu load
  • Change effects automatically, depending on the media type that is playing
  • Use your remote control to toggle leds, change the profile of your target software or open up the context menu (only MediaPortal1)
  • Setting to lower the capture frequency for lower end pcs
  • Delay option, that lets you add a delay before the current picture gets displayed on the leds
  • Blackbar detection and removal
  • GIF reader effect, where users can define a gif file which then gets played back on the leds
  • VU meter effect, watch a nice light show while listening to your music
  • Define a timeframe in which your ambilight should be deactivated

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