[MOVED-TO-GITLAB] A LaTeX renderer for the Blackfriday Markdown Processor
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Blackfriday-LaTeX is a LaTeX renderer for the Blackfriday Markdown processor (v2).

Warning: Both Blackfriday v2 and this renderer are a work-in-progress.

Supported features

Among others:

  • Optional preamble
  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Footnotes
  • Tables
  • Fenced source code

Math support

Since Markdown and CommonMark do not make any provision for parsing math, the renderer uses the following rules to render math:

  • Math blocks are introduced with code blocks having the math language specifier.

      ``` math
  • Inline math is introduce with inline code prefixed by $$ (space matters).

      `$$ x+y=z`


See godoc.org.