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C++ Standard Library for ETL

A C++14 Standard Library implementation for ETL.

ETL is an header only template library geared towards the size and performance constraints of embedded applications. It relies heavily on the C++ Standard Library. But since the avr 8-bit toolchain does not provide a standard C++ standard library, this header-only std-lib provides all elements needed by ETL to be compiled as a standalone product.

So far, C++ Standard Library for ETL covers the following aspects of C++14 Standard Library :

  • new, delete, new[], delete[], placement new and delete operators
  • a Freestore implementation used by the new and delete operators.
  • std::move and std::forward needed for xvalue support, move semantics and perfect forwading.
  • std::unique_ptr and std::make_unique
  • <type_traits>
  • <cstddef>
  • <functional>
  • <iterator>
  • <initializer_list>
  • <utility>
  • <array>
  • <exception>