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Parity Eth Exporter

A Parity exporter for Prometheus.

This parity exporter sets focus on a network overview and an overview of the cryptoeconomics. To get insights of each nodes status(as sync time, current block) use the Parity Exporter


The configuration is in YAML, an example with common options:

rpcUrl: 'http://localhost:8545'
port: '9998'
Name Description
rpcUrl Optional. The rpcUrl to the Parity client. Default http://localhost:8545.
port Optional. The port to expose the metrics at. Default 9998.
addresses Optional. The address and alias of an address' balance that you would like to track.

Exported Metrics

All metrics are exported as gauges.

Metric Meaning Labels
parity_up Indicates if the Parity client is up or not
parity_version The Parity client version
parity_transaction_queue The current transaction queue
parity_address_balance Balance of addresses that you specified in the config
parity_gas_price Current gas price in Wei
parity_total_block_difficulty Total difficulty of a block
parity_block_gas_used Block gas usage
parity_block_size Block size
parity_block_gas_limit Block gas limit
parity_block_latest_miner The latest block miner

Docker Image

To run the Parity exporter on Docker, you can use the honeylogic/ethereum-exporter image. It exposes port 9997 and expects the config in /app/config.yml. To configure it, you can bind-mount a config from your host:

$ docker run -p 9998:9998 -v /path/on/host/config.yml:/app/config.yml honeylogic/parity_exporter

Specify the config as the CMD:

$ docker run -p 9998:9998 -v /path/on/host/config.yml:/config/config.yml honeylogic/parity_exporter --config /config/config.yml


npm build to build.

npm start to run.

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