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Book Guidelines

1. Chapters should be independent

A reader can read just a chapter, and no dependencies to other chapters
should exist. Only pointers for further information.

2. Sections should be independent

Only the first paragraphs of the chapter, before the first section,
should/can compare the modules being discussed. Individual module sections
should not make comparisons bwteeen modules unless strictly necessary.

3. See also section

Each chapter should end in a special section named 'See also', that is
an listing of modules available on CPAN for similar tasks, and a small
description on them.

4. Depth

No section should have more than 15 pages. I can accept a limit of 20
for big frameworks like Catalyst. If it is impossible to explain the
module in such a reduced number of pages, then the module should not
be included (put it into the see also section, and point to other

5. Formatting

Use C<...> for module names. Do not forget to add X<Module, name> and
X<name> whenever you mention a module (once per section, of course).

Also, for footnotes, use N<< ... >> but do not leave a blank space
before the N. If it gets glued with another word, the parser will
detect it correctly.

6. Code blocks

Perl code blocks should be enclosed in =begin Perl and =end
Perl. Also, keep them indented two or three spaces. If referring to
one line of code, only, use standard verbatim. For other non-perl
blocks, use standard verbatim blocks.


ATM for building you need head from Pod::PseudoPod::LaTeX git repository.
Check it out: git://
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