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-- $Id: quickcheck,v 1.4 2003/01/08 15:09:22 shae Exp $
-- This file defines a command
-- quickCheck <options> <files>
-- which invokes quickCheck on all properties defined in the files given as
-- arguments, by generating an input script for hugs and then invoking it.
-- quickCheck recognises the options
-- +names print the name of each property before checking it
-- -names do not print property names (the default)
-- Other options (beginning with + or -) are passed unchanged to hugs.
-- Change the first line of this file to the location of runhugs on your
-- system.
-- Make the file executable.
-- TODO:
-- someone on #haskell asked about supporting QC tests inside LaTeX, ex. \{begin} \{end}, how?
-- add a verbosity switch that uses verboseCheck instead of quickCheck
import System
import List
main :: IO ()
main = do as<-getArgs
sequence_ (map (process (filter isOption as))
(filter (not.isOption) as))
-- ugly hack for .lhs files, is there a better way?
unlit [] = []
unlit x = if (head x) == '>' then (tail x) else x
process opts file =
let (namesOpt,opts') = getOption "names" "-names" opts in
do xs<-readFile file
let names = nub$ filter (\x -> (("> prop_" `isPrefixOf` x) || ("prop_" `isPrefixOf` x)))
(map (fst.head.lex.unlit) (lines xs))
if null names then
putStr (file++": no properties to check\n")
else do writeFile "hugsin"$
unlines ((":l "++file):
[(if namesOpt=="+names" then
"putStr \""++p++": \" >> "
else "") ++
-- The stdArgs settings here are actually those defined by stdArgs, but they're here for easy changing.
"Test.QuickCheck.quickCheckWith (stdArgs { maxSuccess = 100, maxDiscard = 500, maxSize = 100}) "++p | p<-names])
system ("ghci -v0 "++options opts'++" <hugsin")
return ()
isOption xs = head xs `elem` "-+"
options opts = unwords ["\""++opt++"\"" | opt<-opts]
getOption name def opts =
let opt = head [opt | opt<-opts++[def], isPrefixOf name (drop 1 opt)] in
(opt, filter (/=opt) opts)