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needed a fix in cabal file for GHC 7.0.3 (plattform 2011.2.0.1) #1

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RDF4H is really great!!!
People use it ;-)

Could you possibly provide an example? Like a few lines where you read a turtle rdf file and make a simple query on it? I am trying to figure it out myself but it takes some hours for me. (also since I am not ye fully familiar with haskell...)

For ghc 7.0.3 I needed to fix the ".cabal" file to get it working.
I did the following changes (just guessed what might work, so not sure):

Her is the diff for "rdf4h.cabal":

>                  , test-framework-quickcheck2 >= 0.2.9
<                  , QuickCheck >= && < 1.3
<                  , HUnit >= && < 1.3
>                  , QuickCheck >= && < 1.5
>                  , HUnit >= && < 3

Hey. It's good to know someone is interested :). I should have some time to generate a proper readme over the weekend (likely tomorrow). I hope that's early enough for your purposes.


Hey. Looking forward to the README file. Is the most resent version of the code actually on github or in the darcs repository? I managed to hack some code together to open a turtle rdf file and to run a query. Is really hacked code, as you can see:

instance Show TriplesGraph where show gr = concatMap (\t -> show t ++ "\n") (queryClasses gr)

rdffile :: String
rdffile = "/home/steve/Develop/myhaskell/myrdf/bookmarks.ttl"

main :: IO ()
main = do loadInputGraph rdffile >>= putStrLn . show

query'' :: TriplesGraph -> Maybe Subject -> Maybe Predicate -> Maybe Object -> Triples
query'' gr s p o = removeDupes $ filter (matchPattern s p o) (triplesOf gr)

queryClasses :: TriplesGraph -> Triples 
queryClasses gr = query'' gr Nothing Nothing (Just (unode (s2b "")) )

loadInputGraph :: String -> IO (Either ParseFailure TriplesGraph)
loadInputGraph name =
  B.readFile (name) >>=
    return . parseString (TurtleParser mtestBaseUri (mkDocUrl testBaseUri name)) >>= return . handleLoad

What would be the right way to run a query from main::IO?

From what I seen so far the source code of RDF4H is VERY readable and nice!!

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