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Brushed motor firmware for Brushless ESCs
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MegaBrush is a firmware for common atmel based brushless ESCs. This library makes it possible easily convert a brushless ESC into a brushed ESC.


  • 1khz PWM with 128 levels per motor direction.
  • Forward and Reverse Operation
  • Runtime configurable Min and Max PPM inputs
  • Simple PPM Smoothing
  • Deadband for throttle center
  • Easy to install when using SimonK Bootloader
  • Failsafe on signal loss
  • Throttle must pass through deadband before ESC will spin motor

Installation Instructions (For SimonK ESCs)

  1. Look for the .hex file for your ESC in the firmware directory.
  2. Download the BLHeli flashing tool and flash the .hex file
  3. Use the "Flash Other" Option to flash the hex file.

Tested firmware

ESC Performance


Operating Instructions

  • Wire the ESC to your brushed motor
    • MegaBrush uses phases A + C from the brushless motor controller.
    • Phase B is not used.
  • Program Min/Max for your RC Transmitter
    • Power on the ESC with the transmitter transmitting the MAX value
    • You should hear 3 beeps from the motor indicating you are in programming mode
    • After 2 seconds you will here 1 beep, Move the transmitter so you are transmitting RC Min
    • After 2 seconds you should here 3 beeps indicating successful programming of Min/Max
    • Return the RC transmitter to the neutral setting
  • If the motor is making a fast quiet beep it's likely because your transmitter sticks are not centered. Center your sticks at power up to enable the ESC.
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