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fs = require('fs')
{spawn, exec} = require('child_process')
execCmds = (cmds) ->
exec cmds.join(' && '), (err, stdout, stderr) ->
output = (stdout + stderr).trim()
console.log(output + '\n') if (output)
throw err if err
task 'build', 'Build the library', ->
execCmds [
'coffee --bare --output ./lib ./src/wings/*.coffee',
task 'test', 'Build and run the test suite', ->
execCmds [
'cake build',
'coffee --compile --bare --output test src/test/*.coffee',
'ln -sf ../src/test/index.html test',
'ln -sf ../src/test/vows.css test',
'npm install',
'rm -f node_modules/wings node_modules/vows test/node_modules',
'ln -sf ender-vows node_modules/vows',
'cd test',
'ln -sf ../node_modules node_modules',
'ln -sf .. node_modules/wings',
#'node_modules/.bin/ender build ender-vows ..',
'node_modules/.bin/vows --spec *-test.js',
'rm -f node_modules/wings node_modules/vows node_modules',
'cd ..',