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Added Notification Sample for iOS and Android for Xamarin Forms, Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Android.
-- Search for the TODO items in the source and modify to you needed.
-- add all required permissions to iOS
-- look at MainActivity for the required permissions to add to your manifest


Fix for Marquee Label for Forms and iOS Xamarin.  
Source code updated for latest Xamarin releases. Test samples.  
To Download. Go to the folder and save the archive.zip file.


Masked Edit - Android, iOS, Forms - Bug Fix in Regular Expression.  


Updated Packages.  
Recompiled with new Xamarin Forms Release
Fixing Bindings, removed BindableProperty.Create<> with BindableProperty.Create()
Fixed Android Video Player Bug.  Video would not play
Updated LoadingViews

Xamarin Forms Notification

could be easily modified to Xamarin iOS or Xamarin Android. download the zip file in the NotificationSample form.

follow the "TODO" items and change to your notification handling.

code in: /NotificationSample folder zip file in: /NotificationSample/Archive.zip

I give credit to anyone code I may have included from other projects.
I learned from others to get my solution working.

Links to Other Projects

Android Popupwindow


Android App Icon Badges

https://github.com/wcoder/ShortcutBadger https://github.com/leolin310148/ShortcutBadger

Xamarin iOS

iOSMaskedEdit: iOS - Masked Edit

Xamarin Android

MaskedEditAndroid: Android - Masked Edit

Xamarin Forms:

FrameBorder: iOS / Android Borders: turn on off borders on each side, Border Color, Border Thickness, Border Radius Shadow: on/off, color, radius, offset

DeviceEncryption: iOS / Android

MaskedEdit: iOS / Android

Picker To Button: Android / iOS

Picker iOS/Android: Hide/replace with control

LoadingViews: overlay fragments or UIViews to show loading indicator

iOSMarqueeLabel: renderer for Marquee label in iOS

DeviceTask: Finite Length Task and Android Service for Xamarin Forms.

VideoPlayer: iOS / Android Xamarin

TopAlert: iOS /Android. Top Bar Alerts

Android Permissions: Android-M / Mashmellow Xamarin Forms Permission Layer (uses Task and await pattern)

DropDown: iOS / Android. Xamarin Forms.

DropDown2: iOS / Android. Xamarin Forms. Popup modal DropDown.