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amCharts 4

This is an official repository for amCharts 4 - the most advanced JavaScript dataviz library ever.

For a short overview of features, visit this page.


Directory Description
/dist/ember/ Official Ember plugin for amCharts 4
/dist/es2015/ Compiled ES2015 modules
/dist/script/ Compiled standalone JavaScript files
/src/ TypeScript sources for amCharts 4


For extensive documentation, including getting started tutorials, as well as class reference visit V4 documentation website.

Other ways to get amCharts 4

Related packages

This package inlcudes MapChart (geographical maps) functionality. However, it does not include geodata itself (map files) needed to instantiate the maps.

Those are available via separate package:


If you have a commercial amCharts 4 license, this software is covered by your license, which supersedes any other license bundled with this package.

If you don't have a commercial license, the use of this software is covered by a freeware license. Refer to included LICENSE file. The license is also available online.



Contact amCharts.

Found a bug?

Open an issue.

How to build

Run yarn install and then yarn run build. The compiled code will be in the dist folder.