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amCharts Plugin: Date Padding

Version: 1.0.5


Allows extending date-based category axis date/time range beyond actual start and end of the data. Can use absolute date and time, or relative period count.

Current version of the plugin support date-based Serial charts and Stock Chart.


To enable, include datePadding.min.js on your web page.


<script src="//"></script>

This needs to go after all other amCharts includes.


The plugin works by ditching pre-defined categories and creating it's own categories at specific angles.

To set plugin settings, use datePadding block:

"categoryAxis": {
  "parseDates": true,
  "minimumDate": "2012-01-01",
  "maximumDate": "2014-12-31"


"categoryAxis": {
  "parseDates": true,
  "minPeriod": "DD",
  "prependPeriods": 5, // add 5 days start
  "appendPeriods": 5   // add 5 days to end

For Stock Chart, put datePadding parameters into categoryAxesSettings. I.e.:

"categoryAxesSettings": {
  "minimumDate": "2012-01-01",
  "maximumDate": "2014-12-31"

The plugin adds the following parameters to the categoryAxis/categoryAxesSettings:

Parameter Description
appendPeriods Adds a number of periods (as defined in minPeriod) to the end of data
prependPeriods Adds a number of periods (as defined in minPeriod) to the start of data
maximumDate Sets the end date/time
minimumDate Sets the start date/time

Needless to say, mixing append/prepend and maximum/minimum settings does not make a lot of sense, although doing so will not blow anything up.

What format should my maximumDate/minimumDate be in?

The plugin accepts whatever you are using for the chart data. It can be a Date object:

"minimumDate": new Date(2014, 3, 1),
"maximumDate": new Date(2016, 3, 30)

(please note that months in JavaScript's Date constructor are zero-based)

Or, a string, if you also specified dataDateFormat:

"minimumDate": "2014-04-01,
"maximumDate": "2016-04-30"

Or, integer timestamps:

"minimumDate": 1396299600000,
"maximumDate": 1461963600000

(If you are using timestamps, make sure the dataDateFormat is not set)

How do I configure it to work with Data Loader plugin?

No additional configuration is necessary. The plugin will automatically detect its cousin -- Data Loader plugin -- and adapt to it.



All software included in this collection is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

This basically means you're free to use or modify it, even make your own versions or completely different products out of them.

Please see attached file "license.txt" for the complete license or online here:

Contact us



  • Fixed minimumDate handling when equalSpacing = true


  • Added cleanData parameter to AmCharts.datePaddingProcess(). If set to true it will clear previously generated fake datapoints. Useful when dynamically updating data.


  • Fixed an error thrown on a chart with an empty dataProvider


  • Fixed a bug when using together with Data Loader on Stock Chart


  • Added Stock Chart support
  • Fixed a bug with prependPeriods not working properly


  • Initial release