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amCharts Plugin: Polar Scatter

Version: 1.0.0


Enhances Radar/Polar chart type with ability to use it as an circular XY scatter chart.


To enable, include polarScatter.min.js on your web page.


<script src="//"></script>


The plugin works by ditching pre-defined categories and creating it's own categories at specific angles.

To set plugin settings, use polarScatter block:

"polarScatter": {
  "minimum": 0,
  "maximum": 359,
  "step": 1

Parameters are as follows:

Parameter Default Description
maximum 359 End value
minimum 0 Start value
step 1 Granularity of your data

The actual positions of the scatter points go into series array under specific graph:

"graphs": [ {
  "title": "Trial #1",
  "balloonText": "[[category]]: [[value]] m/s",
  "bullet": "round",
  "lineAlpha": 0,
  "series": [[83,5.1],[44,5.8],[76,9],[2,1.4],[100,8.3],[96,1.7],[68,3.9],[0,3],[100,4.1],[16,5.5],[71,6.8],[100,7.9],[9,6.8],[85,8.3],[51,6.7],[95,3.8],[95,4.4],[1,0.2],[107,9.7],[50,4.2],[42,9.2],[35,8],[44,6],[64,0.7],[53,3.3],[92,4.1],[43,7.3],[15,7.5],[43,4.3],[90,9.9]]
}, {
  "title": "Trial #2",
  "balloonText": "[[category]]: [[value]] m/s",
  "bullet": "round",
  "lineAlpha": 0,
  "series": [[178,1.3],[129,3.4],[99,2.4],[80,9.9],[118,9.4],[103,8.7],[91,4.2],[151,1.2],[168,5.2],[168,1.6],[152,1.2],[149,3.4],[182,8.8],[106,6.7],[111,9.2],[130,6.3],[147,2.9],[81,8.1],[138,7.7],[107,3.9],[124,0.7],[130,2.6],[86,9.2],[169,7.5],[122,9.9],[100,3.8],[172,4.1],[140,7.3],[161,2.3],[141,0.9]]
} ]

Each entry in the series array is a two-unit array. The first number is a category/angle/circular position, the second one is value.

Use graph's regular settings to modify appearance like bullets, colors, etc:

OMG! My chart looks like an ugly sea urchin!

The plugin works by adding a lot of categories, which creates a value axis for each of those. Using default settings (360 categories around the circle) it may look a bit off.

There's no other solution but to upgrade to the latest version of the JavaScript Charts. Since version 3.19.5 it supports a valueAxis property axisFrequency which allows controlling the number of axes/labels on the polar chart.

The plugin will automatically set it for you if you don't do it. But if you feel like tinkering with it you can do so like this:

"valueAxes": [ {
  "gridType": "circles",
  "minimum": 0,
  "axisFrequency": 30
} ]



All software included in this collection is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

This basically means you're free to use or modify it, even make your own versions or completely different products out of them.

Please see attached file "license.txt" for the complete license or online here:

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