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@amchess amchess released this Jun 1, 2021

Solved an important bug on the search for Shashin theory.
The engine now is a lot stronger.

Stockfish patch
Author: candirufish
Date: Mon May 31 18:31:32 2021 +0200
Timestamp: 1622478692

Check Extension with Static Evaluation

extension for checking moves, at higher depth and more decisive positions.

Assets 4

@amchess amchess released this May 19, 2021

Concurrent experience
MCTS extended
Stockfish patch
Author: Tomasz Sobczyk
Date: Tue May 18 18:06:23 2021 +0200
Timestamp: 1621353983

New NNUE architecture and net

Assets 5

@amchess amchess released this Mar 23, 2021

ShashChess 16
Various improvements in Shashin theory application.
Aligned with the following Stockfish official patch:
Author: Guy Vreuls
Date: Fri Mar 19 20:28:57 2021 +0100
Timestamp: 1616182137
Use reference instead of pointer for pop_lsb() signature

Assets 2

@amchess amchess released this Oct 16, 2020

Stockfish patch
Author: Unai Corzo
Date: Wed Oct 14 19:32:12 2020 +0200
Timestamp: 1602696732

Scale factor tweak

Assets 4

@amchess amchess released this Oct 3, 2020

Introduced Montecarlo
Stockfish patch
Author: Stéphane Nicolet
Date: Mon Sep 28 22:42:26 2020 +0200
Timestamp: 1601325746
Include pawns in NNUE scaling

Assets 3

@amchess amchess released this Sep 10, 2020

Author: SFisGOD
Date: Tue Sep 8 22:56:08 2020 +0200
Timestamp: 1599598568

Double probability of using classical eval

This patch doubles the moderate imbalance threshold and probability of using classical eval.
So now if imbalance is greater than PawnValueMg / 4 then there is a 1/8 chance of using classical eval.

Improved search

Assets 3

@amchess amchess released this Aug 28, 2020

Removed USE NNUE combo: only pure NNUE or classical for ShashChess
A lot more hard positions solved and at least the same playing strength as Stockfish hybrid approach.
This will also speed up the engine.

Stockfish patch
Author: VoyagerOne
Date: Wed Aug 26 07:19:35 2020 +0200
Timestamp: 1598419175
Simplify MCP in QS
Simplify moveCount pruning in QS by removing depth dependency.

Assets 4

@amchess amchess released this Aug 25, 2020

Shashchess 13.1
Corrected bug on Q-learning
Faster learning
Replaced Uci NNUE checkbox with Combo: Hybrid, Pure, Classical
as in Cfish
(Thanks to Peter Martan for the suggestion and CFish author Syzygy)
Stockfish patch
Author: mstembera
Date: Mon Aug 24 12:43:39 2020 +0200
Timestamp: 1598265819

Allow for VNNI256 compilation with g++-8

explicitly pass needed -mavx512f -mavx512bw flags

closes official-stockfish/Stockfish#3061

No functional change

Assets 5

@amchess amchess released this Aug 19, 2020

Corrected some bugs in learning and improved it.
Aligned to Stockfish main dev.
A great thanks to Omar Khalid for his help.
Stockfish patch
Author: syzygy1
Date: Tue Aug 18 20:15:07 2020 +0200
Timestamp: 1597774507

Assets 5

@amchess amchess released this Jul 31, 2020

Improved NNUE
All executables Windows and Linux for 20MB and 30MB nets

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