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  -Create a project in the Google APIs Console (
  -Click "Services" and switch Tasks API to "On." 
  -Click "API Access" then "Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID."
  -Fill in the settings for your new Client ID and set "Application Type" 
    to "Installed Application"then click "Next." 
  -Enter the Google-provided Client ID and Client Secret in the variables above.	

  Note that for simplicity, the 'archive' command is executed prior to the sync.

  * 'pull' will fetch google tasks and add them to your todo and done lists. Tasks will be pulled from all Google Task lists	

  * 'push' command will push your todo list from todo.txt to Google Tasks
  * 'push all' command will push items from both todo.txt and done.txt
  Currently all new tasks will be added to the default Google Task list. (This may change in the future)

  As this is a pull/push, there are obviously limitations to the syncing. For instance an already pushed  todo that is editted considerably will get pushed as a separate task as there is no way to match old and new. I've tried to allow for some of the more common and minor changes, such as marking a todo with a priority. Also, completing a todo or task can be synced up or down accordingly.
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