ROC-200: Dual element reflow oven controller
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ROC-200: Dual Element Reflow Oven Controller

Status: Discontinued

The ROC-200 is a hardware controller that converts a consumer toaster oven into a reflow soldering oven. It supports independent control of two sets of heating elements (top and bottom) and temperature sensing with two thermocouples.

WARNING: The toaster oven listed in this project's BOM contains aluminum wiring. Connecting aluminum and copper wires together is a fire hazard.

This project has been discontinued because it is no longer economical. The T962 Reflow Oven can be purchased for less than the cost of this project's components, and is probably safer to operate.

Directory Structure

  • /app - SBC application (Nerves)
  • /cad - Assembly & part drawings
  • /design - General design documentation
  • /schematics - Electrical schematics & PCB drawings (Eagle)


Working documentation is located in the /design and /schematics folders. Since the project is currently being designed and prototyped, files are currently only available for the editors they were created in. This eliminates the need to commit derivatives of rapidly changing binary files during this phase of the project. When the design stabilizes, more compatible formats of these files, like PDF and JPG, will be added.


The embedded controller for this project is powered by Nerves. For more information see the Nerves Project documentation.