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Make datatable stuff take params in the "right" order.

They should pass around the user seq in last position, like
clojure.core/filter, map, etc.
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1 parent ce3754a commit cf2e9d5ecc766c0674383e990d3b9c7ff8042943 @amalloy amalloy committed Oct 8, 2011
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  1. +11 −11 src/foreclojure/users.clj
@@ -264,46 +264,46 @@
{:$set {:hide-solutions (boolean hide-flag)}})
(response/redirect "/problems")))
-(defn datatable-paging [users start length]
+(defn datatable-paging [start length users]
(take length (drop start users)))
(let [column-sorts [:rank :user (comp :solved count)]]
- (defn datatable-sort-cols [users sort-col]
+ (defn datatable-sort-cols [sort-col users]
(if-let [sort-fn (get column-sorts sort-col)]
(sort-by sort-fn users)
-(defn datatable-sort-dir [users sort-dir]
+(defn datatable-sort-dir [sort-dir users]
(if (= sort-dir "asc")
(reverse users)))
-(defn datatable-sort [users sort-col sort-dir]
- (-> users (datatable-sort-cols sort-col) (datatable-sort-dir sort-dir)))
+(defn datatable-sort [sort-col sort-dir users]
+ (->> users (datatable-sort-cols sort-col) (datatable-sort-dir sort-dir)))
-(defn datatable-filter [users search]
+(defn datatable-filter [search users]
(if search
(filter #(.contains (:user % "") search) users)
-(defn datatable-process [users params]
+(defn datatable-process [params users]
(let [display-start (Integer. (params :iDisplayStart))
display-length (Integer. (params :iDisplayLength))
sort-col (Integer. (params :iSortCol_0))
sort-dir (params :sSortDir_0)
search-str (params :sSearch)]
- (-> users
+ (->> users
(datatable-sort sort-col sort-dir)
(datatable-paging display-start display-length)
(defn user-datatable-query [params]
(let [ranked-users (get-ranked-users)
search-str (params :sSearch)
- filtered-users (datatable-filter ranked-users search-str)
+ filtered-users (datatable-filter search-str ranked-users)
page-users (datatable-process
- filtered-users
- params)]
+ params
+ filtered-users)]
{:sEcho (params :sEcho)
:iTotalRecords (str (count ranked-users))
:iTotalDisplayRecords (str (count filtered-users))

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