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Basic user feedback site for YC funding applications.
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This repo is a reboot of a project from ~2011 where I tried to crowd-source feedback on an application for YCombinator. While I'm not actively applying to YC in the current batch, I thought this project may be useful for budding founders at large. This project is very open to contribution, however you see fit. I'll (eventually) host a copy of this project at but you're welcome to host your own branches elsewhere (see LICENSE).


The website should be fairly simplistic, allowing people to post a copy of their YC application content for line-item review/feedback. The authentication mechanism will be coupled to a Hacker News account using an auth code embedded in a user profile to identify and authorize a user-agent (this will prevent the need to store any sensitive credentials; since unfortunately YC doesn't provide an OpenId IdP). All services will be run on AWS. To save money markup and other static assets should be served via Cloudfront, and any service endpoints should proxy via Gateway to Lambda and onto Dynamo and/or any other data stores. As the project develops I'll include more design and architecture documentation, but it'll probably be fairly organic.


  • bind SSL cert to static S3 bucket
  • get authorization flow running
  • create static website bootstrap
  • create-application workflow
  • search-application workflow
  • application-comment workflow
  • application-review workflow
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