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+Portal is a unified REPL and command server for Clojure.
+# Protocol
+Portal uses netstrings to encode messages [^1]. This make client implementations as simple as
+possible. The format of an individual message is as follows:
+ id type data
+The `id` is a string identifier used to determine which evaluation context to use. The context is
+used to maintain state across multiple commands and has a unique stdin, stdout and stderr from other
+contexts. It is helpful to think of each context as executing in a dedicated thread, though actually
+agents are used to implement contexts, so a thread pool is shared among all contexts.
+In addition, all commands within a given context are serialized so they happen in the order they are
+received, and one command cannot start until the previous command for that context finishes. Of
+course, you can call commands asynchronously though by using unique ids.
+For client requests `type` can be one of:
+* `eval` - Evaluate the forms provided in `data`.
+* `stdin` - Write the string provided in `data` to `*in*`.
+* `clear` - Clear the context for `id`.
+* `fork` - Associate the context for `id` with the id provided in `data`.
+For server responses `type` can be one of:
+* `result` - Evaluation completed with no errors. The results are provided in `data`
+* `error` - There was an exception during evaluation. The error type and message are provided in `data`.
+* `read-error` - There was an error while reading the forms. The error message is provided in `data`.
+* `stdout` - The string in `data` was printed to `*out*` during evaluation.
+* `stderr` - The string in `data` was printed to `*err*` during evaluation.
+# Client Libraries
+* Ruby
+* Clojure (coming soon)
+* elisp (coming soon)
+* Haskell (coming soon)
+* Your favorite language (patches welcome...)
+[^1]: Thanks to James Reeves for this suggestion.

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