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To start your Phoenix server:

  • Install dependencies with mix deps.get
  • Create and migrate your database with mix ecto.setup
  • Install Node.js dependencies with cd assets && npm install
  • Start Phoenix endpoint with mix phx.server

In order to socket connection to work in local environment, you will need to setup a valid certificate and nginx running on https.

Add the domain to the systems /etc/hosts

Add this project nginx conf under config/vhost.conf on your global vhost configuration.

Ensure that the app vhost config is configured with the right domain and ports.

upstream livedemo {

server {
  ssl on;
  listen 443;

Build or obtain an ssl certificate signed by a trusted CA. and set it up on the app vhost.conf

  ssl_certificate /path/to/your/server.crt;
  ssl_certificate_key /path/to/your/ssl/server.key;

Configure paths for https config in config/dev.exs

  https: [port: 4043,
          keyfile: "/path/to/your/server.key",
          certfile: "/path/to/your/server.crt"

Check that the disered domain is setup in apps config/config.exs

config :lv, LvWeb.Endpoint,
  url: [host: ""],

configre the database credentials in config/dev.exs

# Configure your database
config :lv, Lv.Repo,
  username: "username",
  password: "password",
  database: "lv_dev",
  hostname: "localhost",
  pool_size: 10

Now you can visit from your browser.

Ready to run in production? Please check our deployment guides.

Learn more

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