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feature: added a flag to indicate whether reads were filtered or not (#4

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diljotgrewal authored and amcpherson committed Jul 6, 2019
1 parent b9a764e commit 5c27151b1ce535dfa43973341bef579e7515eeb2
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  2. +1 −0 destruct/
@@ -187,10 +187,19 @@ def merge_clusters(in_clusters_filenames, in_breakpoints_filenames,
new_cluster_id += 1

def tabulate_reads(clusters_filename, library_ids, reads1_filenames, reads2_filenames, reads_table_filename):
def tabulate_reads(clusters_filename, likelihoods_filename, library_ids, reads1_filenames, reads2_filenames, reads_table_filename):
fields = ['cluster_id', 'cluster_end', 'lib_id', 'read_id', 'read_end', 'align_id']
clusters = pd.read_csv(clusters_filename, sep='\t', names=fields, usecols=['cluster_id', 'lib_id', 'read_id'])
clusters = clusters.drop_duplicates().set_index(['lib_id', 'read_id']).sort_index()['cluster_id']

# The likelihoods file contains a list of read alignments that have passed
# filtering, use this to generate a list of library / read id pairs that
# can be used to annotate each read cluster assignment as filtered or not
likelihoods = pd.read_csv(likelihoods_filename, sep='\t',
passed_reads = set(zip(likelihoods.library_id, likelihoods.read_id))

with open(reads_table_filename, 'w') as reads_table_file:
for lib_name in set(reads1_filenames.keys()).union(set(reads2_filenames.keys())):
lib_id = library_ids[lib_name]
@@ -205,7 +214,8 @@ def tabulate_reads(clusters_filename, library_ids, reads1_filenames, reads2_file
if (lib_id, fragment_id) in clusters.index:
cluster_id = clusters.loc[(lib_id, fragment_id)]
assert np.issubdtype(type(cluster_id), np.integer)
reads_table_file.write('\t'.join([str(cluster_id), str(lib_id), str(fragment_id), read_end, seq, qual, comment]) + '\n')
filtered = 'False' if (lib_id, fragment_id) in passed_reads else 'True'
reads_table_file.write('\t'.join([str(cluster_id), str(lib_id), str(fragment_id), read_end, seq, qual, comment, filtered]) + '\n')

class DGVDatabase(object):
@@ -506,6 +506,7 @@ def create_destruct_fastq_workflow(
mgd.TempInputObj('library_id', 'bylibrary'),
mgd.InputFile('reads1.fq.gz', 'bylibrary', fnames=fastq1_filenames),
mgd.InputFile('reads2.fq.gz', 'bylibrary', fnames=fastq2_filenames),

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