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Code to download ERA5 meteorological data from ECMWF that will suitable for converting to ARL format for ingestion into HYSPLIT. The downloaded grib files will be suitable for use with the era52arl program available with the HYSPLIT distribution.

hysplit_metdata_cds uses cdsapi module from Copernicus Data Service. ERA5 will only be available through the cdsapi after February 28, 2019. If you are using ecmwf-api see below.

PYTHON 3.x Written to run on linux operating system

This python program aids in retrieving meteorological variables from the ERA5 dataset which HYSPLIT needs. grib files can be input into the era52arl fortran utility program (provided with the HYSPLIT distrubtion) to create a meteorological file that can be used as input into HYSPLIT.

for command line options run with --help
The program will write a file called new_era52arl.cfg. This file can be used as an input into the era52arl conversion program. It should be renamed era52arl.cfg to be read automatically by the program. Currently era52arl can only convert data on pressure levels. There are plans to add capability to convert data on the model levels.

installing cdsapi You will need to create an account with Copernicus Data Service to receive an api key. The api key must be stored in $HOME/.cdsapirc

hysplit_metdata uses the ecmwf-api

Installing ecmwfapi module

For instructions on creating an ecmwf account and retrieving a key see

The api key must be stored in the $HOME/.ecmwfapirc file.
The api key can be found at []

You may also download the tar file from the webpage and place the ecmwfapi directory so that is in your PYTHONPATH or it can also be a subdirectory of the directory where is located.

If you have conda you can also install by conda install -c conda-forge ecmwf-api-client

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