Attach emails to Team Foundation Server Work Items.
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Outlook TFS Integration

This little plugin allows you to attach emails to TFS work items from Outlook in a easy way. Allowing you to choose as many task you want to attach the email to.


ClickOnce Installer

ClickOnce Installer Package

Known Issues

It seems that the combination of either Windows 8 and Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2013 itself is causing the addin not to install due that the certificate I'm using is a development certificate and not a CA validated cert.

I will update with a new version that includes a valid cert so that installations in those systems would succeed.

Change Log

2015/04/26 v1.0.0.9

* Renamed the Title to depict you can add attachments to work items (bugs, tasks, etc.)

2015/01/28 v1.0.0.8

* Added Background Worker to avoid UI freeze.
* Fixed bug when adding email to multiple tasks.

2014/10/31 v1.0.0.6

* Initial Commit.


  • Install it by runing the setup.exe.
  • Open an email you want to attach to task.
  • Click "Attach to TFS" button, select your TFS server in screen shown.
  • Input task number and click + button.
  • Click Save.