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Dialogflow: Women Mentor Search and Escalation to a Human

This project consists of a simple Dialogflow agent, deployed to firebase cloud functions that shows the use of dialogflow, google cloud natural language api, sentiment analysis and firebase.

This project is designed as a demo, not as a finished solution.


In this repo you can find a node.js demo for presentation on the 28/01/2019 for GDG Cloud London

If you'd like to find a .net alternative by Jon Skeet you can find it here.

Running Steps

  1. Sign-up or Log-in to your Dialogflow account.
  2. In Dialogflow's console, select Create Agent in the left navigation and fill in the required fields and Save.
  3. Name for your agent, i.e. mentor-search-game
  4. Select Create.
  5. Go to the settings ⚙ > Export and Import tab > Restore from zip. Upload the file located in this repo.
  6. git clone
  7. Download and install Node.js
  8. Install Firebase
  9. Within the repo directory, $npm install to install all of the project's dependencies.

Technology Stack

  1. Node.js
  2. Dialogflow
  3. Firebase
  4. Firestore
  5. Google Cloud Platform


The list used in this project was imported from Lady Leet's #Fempire


The demo can be found here

To be improved

  • Add the Firebase search by region or name
  • Add Firestore
  • Once the telephone gateway fix has been merged in official dialogflow codebase, remove the response.json and add agent.add


Dialogflow: Women Mentor Search and Escalation to a Human






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