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2010.07.03, Version 0.1.100
* process.execPath (Marshall Culpepper)

* sys.pump (Mikeal Rogers)

* Remove ini and mjsunit libraries.

* Introduce console.log() and friends.

* Switch order of arguments for Buffer.write (Blake Mizerany)

* On overlapping buffers use memmove (Matt Ranney)

* Resolve .local domains with getaddrinfo()

* Upgrade http-parser, V8 to 2.2.21


2010.06.21, Version 0.1.99
* Datagram sockets (Paul Querna)

* fs.writeFile could not handle utf8 (Felix Geisendörfer)
  and now accepts Buffers (Aaron Heckmann)

* Fix crypto memory leaks.

* A replacement for decodeURIComponent that doesn't throw.
  (Isaac Schlueter)

* Only concatenate some incoming HTTP headers. (Peter Griess)

* Upgrade V8 to 2.2.18


2010.06.11, Version 0.1.98
* Port to Windows/Cygwin (Raffaele Sena)

* File descriptor passing on unix sockets. (Peter Griess)

* Simple, builtin readline library. REPL is now entered by
  executing "node" without arguments.

* Add a parameter to spawn() that sets the child's stdio file

* Upgrade V8 to 2.2.16, http-parser fixes, upgrade c-ares to 1.7.3.


2010.05.29, Version 0.1.97
* HTTP throttling: outgoing messages emit 'drain' and write() returns false
  when send buffer is full.

* API: readFileSync without encoding argument now returns a Buffer

* Improve Buffer C++ API; addons now compile with debugging symbols.

* Improvements to  path.extname() and REPL; add fs.chown().

* fs.ReadStream now emits buffers, fs.readFileSync returns buffers.

* Bugfix: parsing HTTP responses to HEAD requests.

* Port to OpenBSD.

* Upgrade V8 to 2.2.12, libeio, http-parser.


2010.05.21, Version 0.1.96
* Thrown errors in http and socket call back get bubbled up.

* Add fs.fsync (Andrew Johnston)

* Bugfix: signal unregistering (Jonas Pfenniger)

* Added better error messages for async and sync fs calls with paths
  (TJ Holowaychuk)

* Support arrays and strings in buffer constructor.
  (Felix Geisendörfer)

* Fix errno reporting in DNS exceptions.

* Support buffers in fs.WriteStream.write.

* Bugfix: Safely decode a utf8 streams that are broken on a multbyte
  character (http and net). (Felix Geisendörfer)

* Make Buffer's C++ constructor public.

* Deprecate sys.p()

* FIX path.dirname('/tmp') => '/'. (Jonathan Rentzsch)


2010.05.13, Version 0.1.95
* Change GC idle notify so that it runs alongside setInterval

* Install node_buffer.h on make install

* fs.readFile returns Buffer by default (Tim Caswell)

* Fix error reporting in child_process callbacks

* Better logic for testing if an argument is a port

* Improve error reporting (single line "node.js:176:9" errors)

* Bugfix: Some http responses being truncated (appeared in 0.1.94)

* Fix long standing net idle timeout bugs. Enable 2 minute timeout
  by default in HTTP servers.

* Add fs.fstat (Ben Noordhuis)

* Upgrade to V8 2.2.9


2010.05.06, Version 0.1.94
* Look in /usr/local/lib/node for modules, so that there's a way
  to install modules globally (Issac Schlueter)

* SSL improvements (Rhys Jones, Paulo Matias)

* Added c-ares headers for linux-arm (Jonathan Knezek)

* Add symbols to release build

* HTTP upgrade improvements, docs (Micheil Smith)

* HTTP server emits 'clientError' instead of printing message

* Bugfix: Don't emit 'error' twice from http.Client

* Bugfix: Ignore SIGPIPE

* Bugfix: destroy() instead of end() http connection at end of

* Bugfix: http.Client may be prematurely released back to the
  free pool.  (Thomas Lee)

* Upgrade V8 to 2.2.8


2010.04.29, Version 0.1.93
  * Fixed no 'end' event on long chunked HTTP messages

  * Remove legacy modules http_old and tcp_old

  * Support DNS MX queries (Jérémy Lal)

  * Fix large socket write (

  * Fix child process exit codes (Felix Geisendörfer)

  * Allow callers to disable PHP/Rails style parameter mungeing in
    querystring.stringify (Thomas Lee)

  * Upgrade V8 to 2.2.6


2010.04.23, Version 0.1.92
  * OpenSSL support. Still undocumented (see tests). (Rhys Jones)

  * API: Unhandled 'error' events throw.

  * Script class with eval-function-family in binding('evals') plus tests.
    (Herbert Vojcik)

  * stream.setKeepAlive (Julian Lamb)

  * Bugfix: Force no body on http 204 and 304

  * Upgrade Waf to 1.5.16, V8 to
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