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@pedrocorreia pedrocorreia Fixes a minor typo. 1af1d24
@jrburke jrburke point to repo 02ca107
@jrburke jrburke relative id typo b10811b
@jrburke jrburke fix quotes 343c1cd
@jrburke jrburke add example of relative module ID resolution. c4a72d3
@jrburke jrburke improve snippet that distinguishes it from the processor company 73395f6
@atilkan atilkan Updated AMD (markdown) 41f5e2d
@yefim yefim Revert 38bbd8d8f0c67522e6a6b8c0e215e7b8fb70fa17 ... 1ecd8d016d24b016b30c4ef492582844443dcaf5 7635dc9
@yefim yefim Destroyed AMD (markdown) 1ecd8d0
@jrburke jrburke Revert 229527f4942bea8004f787028ab972ee9023efee ... b586e6dafa5b7b03924c318c47db2aaf4bc4a962 1659ed9
@rajeshkumar-ra rajeshkumar-ra Destroyed AMD (markdown) b586e6d
@cmosher01 cmosher01 Updated AMD (markdown) 1aec408
@eric-brechemier eric-brechemier Fix typo: "an" -> "a" 4b5b5fc
@jrburke jrburke Fixed missing quote. 6e71e3e
@jrburke jrburke Removed confusing text in example about an anonymous module, as pointed it out in Issue #3 c801a8b
@jrburke jrburke Better description of module ids. a56bdcc
@jrburke jrburke Clarify relative module IDs are resolved relative to ref ID not its path, allow define('id', function(require){}), removed require.def reference, move CommonJS history to a section at the bottom, add section headings and paragraph breaks to help with readability d0f8490
@jdalton jdalton Fix small typo d4457fd
@dh20156 dh20156 Revert 5cf938ad0715413891a8dd35df0aed5e199f97d6 ... 17ecd541ddc494dd59dd6ae822722e4ad64832eb 382a5a0
@dh20156 dh20156 Destroyed AMD (markdown) 17ecd54
@jrburke jrburke Updated AMD (markdown) 8451885
@jrburke jrburke Attempting to add fragment ID anchors to allow subsection linking. a1f1f68
@eric-brechemier eric-brechemier enhanced wording in descriptions of define.amd ddeedcb
@eric-brechemier eric-brechemier Changed "index" to "indexes" for consistency with "argument positions" 720b7f3
@eric-brechemier eric-brechemier Fixed typo in description of dependencies argument (then instead of than) 7ac517a
@eric-brechemier eric-brechemier added missing words in description of dependencies argument 22c3191
@eric-brechemier eric-brechemier Added missing parenthesis 485d921
@CrabDude CrabDude Updated AMD (markdown) 0ee61c6
@jrburke jrburke Created AMD (markdown) 6147a60
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