So this a gridview that relies on the concept of reusable cells that UITableView uses. Will add more stuff as time passes.
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This is a grid view based on the concepts that UITableView set forth to provide.

  • A cell is one portion of a grid
  • Cells are bare now, need more features to pack it.
  • Cells are re-usable
  • The grid is defined by rows and columns
  • Rows have individually settable heights
  • Column widths are limited to the equal distribution amongst all columns in a row
  • There is no selection at this moment.
  • It automatically purges reusable cells when there is a memory constrain


  • clean up first before laying out to conserve on memory
  • consistent delegate/datasource method signatures
  • cellforrowatindexpath in JOGridView (wtf is it really for?)
  • reflow cells?
  • heightforrowatindexpath doesn't work before cache values are not done right when heightforrow is set dynamically (should cache using assoc storage)