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#Drupal Content Reservation Module

Installation Notes

If you download the latest dev version there is no fullcalendar, you have to install it separately see the notes in /lib/README, if you download a release then it is included.

The calendar display uses a higher version of jquery and is incompatible with the jquery packaged with drupal, therefore the module searches for the appropriate version on first run. Once it finds a version then it stores that internally, if you update fullcalendar after a first install you must run cron for this variable to be updated if the packaged version of jquery changes, or manually execute update_fc_jquery_fname() somehow.

Usage Notes

The content reservation module has many options on the admin page at admin/settings/content_reservation in addition there are content specific options available at the bottom of each content page, if you have the appropriate permissions (administer reservations). These content specific options let you set the time granularity for each reservable content, as well as the color it shows up on the calendar. It is recommended you set each content type to a separate color so as to easily differentiate them when displayed on a combined calendar.

node specific settings

Basic usage is as follows, there are links on the left hand side leading to either a landing page (current under construction) or the default content type, the default content type is the only content type being reserved if the option Hide the Landing Page for Single Reservable Contents is set. Once you select a content type or are directed to the page of the only reserved content type you are displayed a calendar of all reservations.

event calendar

Once you are at the calendar you can edit reservations by clicking on the events (if you have permissions). You can change the calendar view using the controls above the calendar. You can add a new event by selecting a specific node of the content type on the left hand side. Once you go to add an event you are displayed a form along side a calendar showing you the current reservations.

adding an event

Once an event is submitted it is either added directly to the calendar or it is added to the moderation queue if it is enabled. Once in the queue a moderator (user with permissions moderate reservations), can either approve or deny reservation requests.

moderation queue

Todo list

High Priority

  • -Menu items
  • Usage documentation
  • Landing pages for the different available types
  • -Option to hide landing page if only one content type
  • -Make moderation queue optional
  • Create tabbed environment for moderation queue
  • -Don't Allow Reservations in the Past
  • Pagination or scrolling style for events/moderation
  • Styles
  • -Email message to user on approve/reject (needs to be tested)
  • -add user to displayed info on calendar (optional)
  • -Don't show old events

Low Priority

  • Use the sites/all/libraries folder for the calendar
  • Make approve / reject moderation ajax callback function
  • Adjustable time ranges for reservations
  • Generalize the set var functions
  • Generalize make url functions
  • Make admin page with list of content for whitelist enable
  • Human readable time on the conflict resolution message
  • Hook into views and panels, and possible provide block for calendar
  • Pull the default colors from a system wide variable/admin setting
  • Throw a serialized json error on invalid query (returns empty array now)
  • Consider change url scheme to work off of get params instead of url slugs for json queries
  • Consider making a separate database table for content calendar colors as these may get large
  • Make exclusion an array of ids vs singular id in the conflict lookup

URL Scheme

  • /reservations/r/$action_type/$key
    • /reservations/r/type/$content_type
    • /reservations/r/id/$content_id
    • /reservations/r/edit/$reservation_id
  • /reservations/j/$query_type/$query_key - Returns an array of fullcalender event objects formatted as json, $query_type is one of either type, nid, uid and $query_key is the appropriate type or id to search for.