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A Simple PHP API for accessing data from sc2ranks. Still needs some work, let me know if you have any contributions to this project.

Basic Usage

See example.php for sample script

  1. Include sc2ranks.php
  2. Create a new request. You can pass in your app key if you want. If not then your app key will be set to the value of $_SERVER['server_name']. You can use either file_get_contents or curl by passing in a second parameters $method with either "fopen" or "curl", defaults to "fopen" $request = new sc2ranks_request("your site name", "fopen"); or just $request = new sc2ranks_request();

  3. Call the get_character_data method of the request object, passing in the character name and character code $request->get_character_data("character name", character code);

  4. Call get_bracket_data() to get an object containing a particular bracket record, defaulting to the 1v1 record of the last requested character $request->get_bracket_data();


  • Add support for batch requests
  • Add demo of new functions
  • Add other helper functions for processing returned data
  • Add documentation somewhere for the returned object structure
  • Add sorted map statistics methods