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L-SMASH Muxer GUI 2 is a graphic interface for L-SMASH Muxer/Remuxer, It can support muxing/remuxing of video, audio and chapter.

Table of Contents

Introduction of GUI

This Gui contents Video, Audio, Chapter, timecode, Output, Logs. You can input videos, audios, chapters and timecode file. You can click ... to brower file or simply drag the file to the textbox.


  • Video Input, video file. Support 264, h264, avc, 265, hevc, mp4, vc1, Case insensitive.

  • FPS, the Framerate of video(CRF), add autodetect function since v1.2. If auto detection is incorrect, it can be specified in the drop-down menu.

  • Name, the alias of video track

  • PAR, PAR(pixel aspect ratio) of video, it was added since 1.4beta.


  • Audio Input, audio file. Support aac, amr, ac3, eac3, dts m4a, mp3, mp4 Case insensitive.

  • Language, Language code of audio track, the Language code can be select from drop-down menu.

  • Name, the alias of audio track

  • Encoder Delay, audio track delay(priming samples, only positive integers are allowed), see this description.


  • Chapters File, chapter file, support txt. The chapter file looks like this
CHAPTER01NAME=Chapter 01
CHAPTER02NAME=Chapter 02
CHAPTER03NAME=Chapter 03
CHAPTER04NAME=Chapter 04
CHAPTER05NAME=Chapter 05
CHAPTER06NAME=Chapter 06
CHAPTER07NAME=Chapter 07


  • timecode File, timecode file,support txt. Used to create vfr clip.


  • Muxed Output, output path. If the video path exist, it will be automatic set to [video file name]_Muxed.mp4. You will not be able to mux without this path.


  • Redirect messages of l-smash cli.


  • Processbar add in version v2.1a


  • Q:What kind of the file can be used to mux?

    A:This GUI support muxing with RAW video + RAW audio, RAW video + MP4 audio, MP4 video + RAW audio, MP4 video + audio.

  • Q:Why l-smash is slower than mp4box?

    A:l-smash will analyse the input file before muxing, it takes more time. Only remuxing will much faster.

  • Q:why not support more input format

    A:This GUI is basically designed for most common file format in VCB-S workflow. For more format, please use the command line directly.

  • Q:how to use timecode?

    A:load your video file and timecode, or add timecode during muxing, the timecode will be fixed according to the tc file in the final output.


  • 1.Since all file identification is based on extension, DO NOT confuse the GUI with wrong file name, or the software could crash.

  • 2.X in the GUI will clean track alias, Clear button clean all input.

  • 3.Since the GUI is still under development, there may still be a lot of bugs, please understand.

Finally, everyone is welcome to help me improve this GUI.

thanks Kice for provide WPF framemwork

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