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fixed: still frames at the start of a VTS in dvd could end up not sho…


This occured due to a change in behavior in updated ffmpeg. Old code would
return EOF once after a VTS change to trigger demuxer flush, however
updated ffmpeg will read multiple times causing demuxer reset actions
to get executed after actual data having been processed by demuxer.
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1 parent f56972c commit 64212de9bd7c3aa5631b4caebd6ca1c129636c91 @elupus elupus committed with
7 xbmc/cores/dvdplayer/DVDInputStreams/DVDInputStreamNavigator.cpp
@@ -419,9 +419,12 @@ int CDVDInputStreamNavigator::ProcessBlock(BYTE* dest_buffer, int* read)
iNavresult = NAVRESULT_HOLD;
+ {
iNavresult = m_pDVDPlayer->OnDVDNavResult(buf, DVDNAV_VTS_CHANGE);
- m_bInMenu = (0 == m_dll.dvdnav_is_domain_vts(m_dvdnav));
+ m_holdmode = HOLDMODE_HELD;
+ m_lastevent = DVDNAV_NOP;
+ m_bInMenu = (0 == m_dll.dvdnav_is_domain_vts(m_dvdnav));
+ }

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I'm pretty sure this is only valid after updated ffmpeg

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